Difference between Magento Enterprise & Magento Community

by | Nov 4, 2014

Launched in 2008, Magento is the most efficient e-commerce platform just like WordPress & CMS. Magento is available in two different editions, Community and Enterprise version which is premium version. Both these version find their own importance as per the requirements of the business. Both the versions are equally good depending upon the way they are being utilized.

Community Edition

Offered for free, community edition is available to download on Discussion Forum and was created as open soft software. This edition can be customized by the users depending upon their requirements. Community edition is a state-of-the-art platform and usually small scale business take most out of it.

Enterprise Edition

Edition enterprise is premium edition and needless to say it comes with boosted features than Community edition. Endorsed completely by Magento Team, Premium version escalates a business to another plateau. It is offered by subscription and comes with Service Level Agreement and the plan starts at 14,420 USD; featuring some exclusive product enhancements and security updates. Premium version also offers a dedicated support to subscribers via phone or email.

Below mentioned are few of the major differences:

  • Cost

Community version is available for free and thus that accounts to be its USP and Enterprise version is premium one; mostly for big business requisites.

  • Security***

Keeping it simple, premium version comes with security updates. Precisely speaking, Premium version comes with a safer payment gateway and inculcates PA-DSS payment roll over which is required by credit card companies and banks, however, payment gateway for community edition security payment bridges. This counts as the most important feature for any e-commerce business hence this feature is a starred one.

  • Performance**

Now here we have a contradiction, let us say Irony! Community version is faster than premium version. Though free version can be loaded with adding extensions for an enhanced functionality, but it is not recommended otherwise. The point for performance is still earned by Community Version. A two Starred feature to look after!

  • Functionality**

Both Community and Premium version have the same core, however, premium version undoubtedly comes with advanced enhancements like minimum advertised price, call center software with assisted shopping, customer segmentation with targeted offerings, an enhanced catalogue and content management system, minimum advertised price, return management authorization, roll back of content and price and promotion permission.

How to choose the best one?

Undeniably both the versions are equally efficient and to select one might be tricky task as one might end up splashing out a lot of cash for something that otherwise could have been achieved in community version for free. All the above mentioned factors can be of great help whole deciding which one fulfills the requirement of your business.

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