Outsourcing – What to Keep and What to Give?

by | Nov 12, 2014

When you have decided to outsource, you must pen down your edge in business and rest can be outsourced. It can be any part from manufacturing the product, creating marketing strategies, accounting, HR, administration customer service etc. Do the part you love & enjoy the most. The work we love, we tend to put our heart in it.

Understand your business. This statement doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you are doing. Emphasis lies on all the intrigue procedures going on a back & front end. Doing homework on your business makes it easier to outsource at competitive prices and increases ROI. For something that worked 5 years back may not give you same cost efficiency.

Work yourself first then outsource. When you have already worked on a certain module, then you know it in & out and hence while outsourcing a part of your business, there is a lesser probability of getting fooled and better probability of increased productivity.

Spend time on market analysis. Before outsourcing, you can always look forward to meet numerous specialists in the market. This helps in getting a better quote and polished services. A compared study and analysis brings down the list of 100 specialists to only a handful. Task of picking up best of 5 is easier.

Become flexible. When you have given a part of your work to someone else, then be relaxed and let it go. You have already given a responsibility to third party with a promise of returns then embrace the results & not the tension of “if”, “whether” or “why”. You trusted third party & gave them business so now it is their task to yield the results for you.

All the things mentioned might be simple but it is always the basics that we tend to ignore while climbing up the modified version.

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