When Do You Know Your Employee Plans To Quit?

by | Nov 4, 2014

An Employee turnover is a huge figure; hence it takes round up to around 150% of their entire annual salary to replace an already skilled person with a new one. Human resource is an expensive affair for any company. If an employee put down his papers, company has to bear a big loss twice – once for losing existing productive human resource & second to hire & train a new resource to match up to the new productivity.  2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey says that it may take up to 1 year to train a new hire & pull the productivity level as desired.

For companies to reduce this expensive affair on human resource, they should beforehand understand when their employees are attuned to greener pastures.

Here are 8 gestures that your employee might show if your farm is not green enough!

  1. Taking extra leaves: if the attendance sheet shows more of red columns for an employee, you may suspect smell of new company hunt from their collars. Best way to identify is to ask them directly & decide what can be done to improve their happiness & position in the existing company.
  2. Fogginess: Passionate & stay back employees always involve themselves with every detail of any project. What, why, when are there trademark questions always. However, if someone is not into all these 3Ws you may suspect a complete disinterest in job.
  3. Responsibility transfer: Those who wants to stay love to take up and complete their responsibilities. However, those whose mind now wanders outside develop this habit of giving their work responsibilities to others with a label of teaching or helping others to learn.
  4. Changes in lexicon: Office schedule an only be compromised or changed if candidates needs to go for an interview in another company. If you notice frequent routine adjustments by employees, beware & prepare yourself either to lose an employee or keep a better offer handy to retain them.
  5. Disengagement signs: if at certain times, employees does not involves in major discussions happening around, & their coldness towards the hot cake in office is increasing – here is the time when their mind is loitering around in newbie.
  6. Colleague’s talk about performance: If you hear from sources about lowered employee performance, it can be due to their disinterest in current job profile. It is a thumbs-up sign that your resource will wear someone else’s lanyard.
  7.  Change in attitude: This can be sensed within a minute’s interaction with employee. If someone does not want to stay back, it is useless to force them because it will only increase your expense and reduce productivity. Give it a try once, if employee still finds other’s grass greener, allow them to graze on other fields.
  8. Physical Gestures are first to be recognized: your face reflects what’s going on in your mind. If the physical gestures does not justifies an employee’s interest, & forced smiles & un-heavenly greetings are most to be seen, your employee is not happy at all in the current job. Talk to employee and see what can be done to tackle this situation.

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs in your employees then you need to fasten your belt and prepare yourself to loosen up on your offers. Make them a little more lucrative and find more interesting responsibilities for your employees and they will stay. After all, if loosing up helps save a huge cost involved in replacing a human resource- then it is a fair deal.

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