What Makes a Visitor Navigate Away From Your Website

by | May 3, 2013

What Makes a Visitor Navigate AwayA website is a window to any small or large scale business. While doing online shopping or surfing internet, downloading music or social networking, reading an online newspaper or filling up a form for any examination; a website is the first step to enter. A website is that crucial step for a business which can make or break the customer interest in the business profile thereby affecting or impacting the e-scalability for the business.

While surfing the internet, an extremely heavy website which takes a lot of time to download and show up is of not utility as time is a scarce resource these days. Altogether, a lot of unnecessary ads or pop-up windows while the website is downloading bring in an additional work of closing extra windows which hinders customer’s interest in reaching the target website. This might make a person change his or her preference about the website.

Myriad of images, or an extremity of text without images; some dull color schemes or extremely bright page layouts; difficulty while adding items to the shopping cart or slow response while check out might put a customer into doubt about the safety and security for the financial transactions on the website. This leads to the choice of other website.
A website with optimum amount of text, with usable and efficient use of images, with comparatively easy to checkout and user friendly interface holds the traffic, resulting in sales conversion for the business, making a strong hold in market.

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