Office at home!!!

by | Jul 15, 2013

Home office, a trend that is perfect example of modernity and professionalism blended with utter tranquility at work. It is a one room space dedicated to work, a way of working productively while staying at home. However, to create such a corporate & yet sophisticated office with a home like warmth is a way of designing & sheer creativity. From furniture to wall paint, from artifacts to the paintings, from stationery to the wiring, from light lamps to the plants placed inside, from the books placed quietly inside the closet to the clock placed on work desk keeping an account of every activity of the home office …everything counts for fullness. A perfect office environment at comfort of homely feelings can increase the productivity of the business manifolds and may also yield to the exquisite creativity taking birth at in the home

While designing a home office can be a tricky task, once completed, sitting in and working there at the same time can give a pleasure of lifetime. While designing it can be a reason of wrath, enjoying the work and consequent profit can bring on blessings. An office at home is also one of the great ideas which can end up save a big fat amount of money thereby reducing the renting expenses. To ease this hassle of designing and selecting the perfect furniture pieces for your home office, FURNITURE AT HOME UK brings a wide range of solid oak home office furniture, as well as creations from stil furniture and Jual furnishings creating a soothing and dedicated work atmosphere for your home office. From a low range of 79 pounds to quiet a premium yet also affordable range of 999 pounds, we have a range of desks, drawers & filing, laptop tables, office chairs and accessories all of which are designed and made for home offices.

Our line of products include laptop table which has a provision for corner connector with jual furnishing providing an easy working with laptops and these tables are available in different glasses namely white and black glass; jual furnishing corner desk computer table; solid oak computer desk which comes in different patterns. The range of stil furniture includes scribe slimline workstation and pad console table which increases the elegance of your home office. Our solid oak computer and writing desk are majestic in look giving an utter significance to the home office. At FURNITURE AT HOME UK is a one stop solution to the all the home office furniture which accounts for the soul of the office.

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