Top 10 SEO Mistakes

by | Apr 19, 2012

Top 10 SEO Mistakes Search engine optimization (SEO) seems to be an easy task but it is a Mixed Blessing. If we try to implement it without proper understating of the SEO Ethics, it may lead us to an endless loop with no results. Avoid doing any of these Top 10 SEO Mistakes.

In this section of my blog I will focus on the Top 10 SEO Mistakes of Search Engine Optimization that one should definitely avoid.

Top 10 SEO Mistakes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are:

1.Wrong Title Selection for a Page

Title is the first thing which a search engine crawler access while visiting your website. A page title tells the search engine about the content of the page. No matter if the link for a page appears on the search, but if the title is not enough descriptive and meaningful, no user would prefer to click it. Don’t use title which is not related to the content of the page. It is recommended to use keywords in title tag and be as clear as possible in using them. Sometimes an entire website contains the same title which is strongly not recommended. Create title tags which are all unique for different pages.

2.Ignoring the Title tag

Leaving the title blank is also very common and one of the Top 10 SEO Mistakes. This is one of the most important places to have a keyword, because not only does it help you in optimization but the text in your title tag shows in the search results as your page title as explained in the above point.

3.Improper Selection of Keywords

The principle of SEO revolves around the keywords and one of the Top 10 SEO Mistakes falls in this category. A lots of money is spent on achieving on top for a particular keyword. If we don’t use the proper keywords, our entire SEO effort may go in vain. It is recommended to study the keywords and key phrases the target market is using and select keywords related to the target and optimize it for better performance. Optimizing keywords means to use the keywords in title, meta keywords, meta description, content of the page and of course in the anchor and alt tags for incoming links. There are various tools available for keywords analysis. The best one is to try It will give you the idea of what people are searching.

4.No Use of Header Tags

The Header Tags – &h1, h2, h3 …etc are very much important tags as they highlight the theme of your web page. Search engines tries to look for important keywords within the header tags. Our Top 10 SEO Mistakes contain this topic as it is the most common leftout SEO practice. It is highly recommended to use header tags to highlight the main contents of a page. Use of Keywords within the header tags is an add on and it certainly counts.

5.Selecting the Wrong Target Users

It is very much important to choose the right target users. There are number of user groups and all of them have different choice. It’s highly impossible to create content or information that fits in all the demographic categories of Internet users One should know whom and what to target, and it will steer an SEO campaign. There is no question of proper website optimization with wrong target market. Wrong target market means selection of wrong keywords and misplaced search engine campaigns. So always be sure of whom you want to target and don’t do Top 10 SEO Mistakes.

6.Excessive Use of Graphics and Animations

Graphics and animations look cool, but don’t have much role in better performance on search engines. When the search engine crawlers visit a website they can make no sense of your graphics. They only looking for the text content and don’t do one of the common mistakes under our Top 10 SEO Mistakes.

7.Menus based on JavaScript

Using JavaScript for navigation is not bad as long as one understand that search engines are bad in reading JavaScript. Build your web pages accordingly and if you can’t do without JavaScript menu, you should consider build a sitemap (or putting the links in a (no-script tag) so that all the links can be crawled by spider

8.Lack of keywords in the content

Once you focus on your keywords, modify your content and put the keywords wherever it makes sense. It is even better to make them bold or highlight them.

9.Too Much of Keywords

There is a misconception that the more keywords a page have; the better is the chance of ranking higher and this is one topic under Top 10 SEO Mistakes. It is scary but true; too much use of keywords in content can get a website blacklisted by various search engines. Keywords are always recommended to be used in the content but make sure they don’t go everywhere on the page. Let the keywords go in the beginning of the title and other header tags possibly as anchor text.

10. Wrong linking policy

Link building is a very strong methodology in search engine. It is a common delusion that more back links are always better. Because of this web masters resort to link farms, forum, newsgroup spam etc., this ultimately could lead to getting their site banned. In fact, what you need are quality back links

Avoid any of these Top 10 SEO Mistakes for better rankings

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