How to Ensure a Better Search Engine Ranking with Less SEO Effort?

by | Jan 9, 2012

Better Search Engine Ranking

Today Better Search Engine Ranking is considered as backbone for the traffic that comes to your websites. It is true up to an extend as most of the starting companies don’t spend a million dollars on advertisement or they are not well heard and talk about.

The key is a little seo effort that can make this small starting company stand in the timeline of other similar compeptitors and attract the same number of traffic as others by Better Search Engine Ranking.

The question is what make Better Search Engine Ranking to be achievable? How come a website that just made its presense can get Traffic from Search Engines and Attract Visitors? What is the Secret behind Better Search Engine Ranking? There is not a Phd required to do this and anyone with a little knowledge of editing a web Page, Writing a few good lines about the Product and the Service and Finally to be abe able to use some tools like Google webmasters and Google Analytics to Monitor Traffic and seo Performance can do it.

Now, what are the little things that matters a lot and minimize the effort but still get good result and get Better Search Engine Ranking?

Better SEO Ranking with

Better SEO Ranking with

In order to do get Better Search Engine Ranking, the basic step is to find what exactly would a user try to search on a search engine when looking for information about a product/service you sell or render? Lets say a student may try to find “Java class in city”. Here city can be replaced by the name of the City. So if we create a page that contain the terms a few times, and when a user try to find it, these terms are plays an important role when Search Result is Evaluated and Displayed. Now, it is not neccessary that you only have these words (The one user searches) on your web pages for a Better Search Engine Ranking, but you can also visit and create account of a Few classified Websites, Forums and do a little talk about it in order to make Better Search Engine Ranking for your website.

The main purpose would be to link the term that a user searches to your page and it will simply add some power to your site. This is very general approach and it also get traffic. Visit local sites, local communities and try to leave a link for your main website. BUT DON’T EVEN TRY TO ADD THIS AS SPAM for Better Search Engine Ranking. You may get a negative result on search engines.

I’ll try to write more about the other basic seo techniques that are very helpful and that you can do yourself for Better Search Engine Ranking without hiring an SEO professional.

More seo tips and techniques to come soon. And if you want any further help on it, feel free to contact us via the contac us page.

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