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WordPress being the most popular CMS today and powering about 1 out of every 5 web sites today is prone to attacks.

WordPress Security and How Managed WordPress Update Service By Anzum Digital Can Help Your Business

WordPress being the most popular CMS today and powering about 1 out of every 5 web sites today is prone to attacks. Things seems to extremely smooth at one moment turn into a nightmare for a website causing dramatic loss in terms of traffic and thus loss in revenue and reputation.

What make WordPress prone to attacks?

There are many factors which makes WordPress vulnerable to attacks and the major cause is outdated version of WordPress, Plugins or the Theme. At a given point of time, a software usually have a back-door which hackers keep trying to find and try to gain access of a web site or inject bad code.

Old Version of Scripts including

  1. Outdated version of WordPress
  2. Outdated version of Plugins
  3. Outdated version of Themes

Outdated Version of Operating System running on a web server
Loose security configuration with improper file permissions
Default admin name and weak password
No brute force attack protection installed on WordPress

How can Anzum Digital help you protect your website from attacks due to Outdated Version of scrips?
Anzum Digital can help you keep your WordPress, theme files and plugins updated. We keep a check on all the newly released versions of WordPress, Themes and Plugins and thus narrow the WordPress vulnerabilities caused due to outdated versions.

How much Manual WordPress Themes and Plugins update Cost per month?
Anzum Digital offers this service at just $9.99/month for domain.

What in included in this service?

  • Daily check for new version of WordPress release and update
  • Daily check of new version of used WordPress theme release
  • Daily check of new plugin version released for all installed plugins
  • Routine check of recent WordPress vulnerability
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