How to Choose a Right WordPress Theme?

by | Sep 27, 2012

WordPress is used by millions of websites today and according to sources about 16% of the websites runs on WordPress. The architecture of WordPress makes it friendly to the users who can easily manage the website and make changes to the design and the content very easily using the WordPress admin area. There are wordpress restaurant themes, business themes, portfolio themes and almost all the categories available. What you need is to select the right one.

Themes and the plug ins plays an important role in the look and feel of a website built on WordPress. It is very important that we select the right theme which represent the brand or the company and thus matches with it’s color, fonts and the concepts. WordPress themes providers offer fancy as well minimal theme and it is important that we browse through the theme provider’s collection and choose the WordPress theme which actually could be used for your website in terms of concept (not too fancy, not too much graphics, elegant or color concerned etc).

It was not easier until last year where the themes in WordPress used to be shipped with a standard colors hard coded in the CSS but now a days most of the WordPress themes comes with color selectors, font selectors (most of them uses Google fonts now and thus opens a wide range of options for fonts) which make it easier to integrate most of the themes with any brand and color. Standard WordPress themes now a days comes with options to create layouts and pages of your choice and thus you have control on how to design a page on your site. While choosing a WordPress theme you can also look at the ability of the theme in terms of how friendly is to search engines, does it contain too much graphics and css along with bunch of javascript.

Choosing a right theme is important for building a right WordPress site.

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