Easiest Way to Update URLs of a WordPress Site While Moving

by | Oct 11, 2013

WordPress is nothing less than a dream when it comes to ease of access. The best platform for developing your website with ease of access and feasible to manage at the same time.

But when it comes to moving your WordPress site from one location to other, there is often technical buzz required. You need to create a copy of the database at source location, import it to a new database to the target location. You need to copy the files and folders to the new location. Finally after inserting the database name, database username, host name and password in the wp-config.php file at the target location you’re in a shape to go with just the homepage visible at the target location.

But this is not good as the links within the site are only good for old location and they direct users to the old path.

Lets take a case where you have https://anzum.com and you want to move it to a new domain http://www.anzum.in.

You’d follow the steps as in the second paragraph above and you can access the site content of https://anzum.com by visiting the new URLs http://www.anzum.in. BUT the other pages will still redirect to the old path on https://anzum.com.

In order to get rid of this using MySQL database you need to run a query which is complicated to do and involve multiple steps. Here is the blog we published in 2012 on SQL Query for Moving WordPress Website. But it is going to be obsolete with the use this plugin (Oh yes, doing it manually is always a great and fun loving idea)


You can find this plugin which can same a lot of time here: Velvet Blues Update URLs

Try this if you’re a developer and feel free to share your views.

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