Drew’s Frustration Drawn the Inspiration of Dropbox

by | Jul 3, 2014

dropboxlogo“Success is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – By Thomas Alva Edison.

Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of technology, (MIT), Drew Houston, 31 is a new member of Silicon Valley’s billionaire club. With Arash Ferdowsi, in 2007, Drew founded an online file sharing service called Dropbox, company now owns an estimated worth of around $10bn or GBP 5.9bn.

Journey wasn’t that easy for Drew as it never is for anyone, but the outburst of his frustration gave a shape to his ideas and outshined the world.

dropboxfounderWhile in MIT, Drew had this idea of creating an automated Gambling Bot to play real-money online instead of human playing poker, however, his automated bot never found an integrated line of well-functioning. This was automated idea of losing all your money as Drew calls it now.
Drew’s first serious idea was creating online course to help students prepare for college entrance exams, which needless to say was quite futile. This only added to his frustration levels. But it was this time, when idea of Dropbox was born in his mind.

Dropbox got his virtual shape in a bus when Drew was travelling from Boston to New York and had nothing to do for four hours. It was in those four hours the source code for Dropbox, an online cloud storage solution, was written by Drew. Though this code was only written to kill time, however, it was big success later on.


Even after Dropbox was coded, it took time to attract investors to invest in it but gradually it found its way and result of which is a 300 million user base.

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