Prior to setting up a website, how much it will cost becomes more of a question than its content or purpose. This subject bothers both a small & a big business. However, it completely depends on client’s budget & requirement; a ball park figure cannot be given for all the kind of websites. Few websites are built on a new platform & few are just redesigns. Few are made on basic WordPress themes; few are made on premier themes. In this article, we will talk about estimated cost per step involved in development of a new website.

1. Domain Name: First and foremost part of website development if registering a domain name. Rates of domain registration may vary from one website to another; however more or less it remains around $10/year.

2. Web Hosting: Every website needs a host where it can reside and show up when searched for. In layman’s language, web host is a website home in the world of internet; and every website like a human needs a home to live. So web hosting is inescapable. Prices for web hosting depend on traffic on website and data on the website. Rates for web hosting services may vary from $80 to $120 per year.

3. Planning & Development: Planning & development part of the website takes most of the time. Prices for development depends on numerous features like – price of content bought for web pages; rates of graphics & images purchased for the website; CMS platform used & price of a premier theme on which website is being developed. All these things may contribute to a starting budget of around $400 – $1000. Cost for a custom and unique design varies and it can be anything starting from $1000 for a standard 3-5 page layouts with no upper budget limit. For further customization on the website, or other features added to the website, additional cost may be required. Outsourcing your work can reduce cost. Contact an Outsourcing Web Development Company today for a quote.

4. Website Maintenance: It is equivalent to flourishing a tree in its life-time after planting a sapling. Just creating a website and hosting it not important; maintaining it in its lifetime, making important changes, updating the feature etc is equally important. Rotten website, though, will eventually lose its identity on search engines. Website maintenance, hence, also acquires good cost round about $10-$20/hr depending upon the time spent to update & number of updates.

5. Website Marketing: Only opening a shop alone does not bring all the business required. Marketing is what brings in more awareness and thereby increasing sales. Same thing applies on websites. There are millions of websites on World Wide Web. There has to be something different about your website so that audiences notice it. There has to be marketing strategy which sits delicately and work on your website to make it better. This task may involve a cost of around $10-$15/hr

All the above mentioned factors contribute the basic website development cost. Rest all depends on client’s budget & requirement.

A bit of advice here might help: If you are planning to spend a lot on a physical store or office set up, which does not gives you any guaranty on bringing a positive Return on Investment, then spending almost 10-20 % of your budget on website development & marketing is undoubtedly a better option.